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Looking for family friendly sofas? Don’t miss these stylish kid-friendly couches!

stylish family friendly sofas

Some of my favorite moments involve snuggling on the sofa with my kids. Whether we’re reading a favorite book aloud or having a family movie night, a comfortable and kid-friendly sofa is an important part of the equation.

Though we don’t have pets, we do have four children that range in age from 4 to 11… Cue dirt, food, marker, juice spills, vomit, and all the other “interesting” elements of parenthood. To say that we are tough on our furniture is probably an understatement. 

Recently, I began searching for a sofa for a client who also has four children, and I began contemplating what the most important elements of a family-friendly sofa were: the priorities for this important living room furniture. In doing so, I came up with a collection of family-friendly sofas that I thought you all might like to see.

What makes a sofa family friendly?

I considered four main values in putting together this list of kid-friendly furniture:

  1. durability
  2. clean-ability
  3. comfort
  4. style


Do the cushions sag? Does the fabric pill? Are tears going to occur? With an investment like this, you definitely want it to hold up to time and munchkins. 


I’m looking for stain-resistant upholstery at the very least. Other options would be slipcovers (though I know this look – or the process of removing and replacing them – is not for everyone) or at least fabrics that help to hide imperfections and dirt. Fortunately, there are many performance fabrics on the market these days in all sorts of styles and colors, including specific pet-friendly fabrics and kid-friendly fabrics.


What’s the point of an uncomfortable sofa?! I should point out, though, that comfort is somewhat relative. Some people prefer cozy, soft, sinkable cushions, while others prefer firmer, bouncier cushions. Some people love the cool feeling of a real leather sofa, while others prefer the softness of fabric. And some enjoy low-slung, deep seats for curling up, while others prefer a more upright design.

In short, comfort is a personal preference, so I recommend considering your own inclinations before purchasing something site-unseen. In creating this list of family friendly sofas, I tried to gather some variety to account for different tastes.


This is even more subjective than comfort, so I can only work off of what I love (and what you’ll often find here at Maison de Pax). I like a mix of classic and modern that lends a little sophistication to a relaxed environment. Think a casual elegance.

brass base coffee table with glass top and fur throw | Maison de Pax
slipcovered sofa in performance linen blend
open kitchen living with built in cabinets in gray wood
vintage sofa upholstered in performance velvet (see full space)

The Best Family Friendly Sofas

Disclaimer: I have not put each of these sofas to the test, nor have I even seen them all in person… but I have read reviews, compared fabric swatches, and considered what I know to be true about construction and performance. 

Also, many of the best sofas have options: so you can choose microfiber fabric or a luxe performance velvet. You can even customize your configuration from a single sofa to a couch with a chaise to a corner or u-shaped sectional. In short, if you like the look of one of these below but don’t see the exact specifications you want, click through to explore your options.

I hope you find this list helpful!

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Family Friendly Fabric Sofas

Performance fabrics have come a long way in recent years. You can get stain-resistant, high rug count options that are fade-resistant, beautiful, and soft! If you have pets as well as children, be sure to check that the fabric has a tight weave to resist snagging and scratches.

I love the wood base twist on a classic square sofa! And with almost 75 different performance fabric options, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. I also love a bench cushion (less cracks to catch crumbs!).

If you’d like something with more flare than a classic box sofa, then this is a beautiful option. I love the texture of velvet, and Interior Define has a wide variety of performance velvets, including a plush option that is particularly luxurious.

If budget and space are large, then this sofa is like sitting on a cloud. With performance, durable fabric options like Crypton, you can order just about any color you want and still not worry about stains.

Still worried about messes from kids or pets? How about a machine-washable slipcovered option in performance linen? Like sitting on a machine washable cloud. 😉

If those last few felt a little pricey, then the Maxwell is a more budget-friendly option without losing the customizability or the style. This one mixes a more formal shape with a casual, deep profile, giving it a classic modern spin. Choose your favorite performance fabric and enjoy.

Family Friendly Leather Sofas

It’s hard to beat the wipe-ability of leather, but be sure you know what you’re getting. Semi-aniline or full-aniline leather are both genuine leather options with different price points and care suggestions. Check here for tips on caring for leather furniture and ideas for decorating a leather sofa.

This sofa boasts durable top-grain leather over your choice of cushions made of foam plus down or down-alternative. Bonus: the wood frame with brass legs is so stylish!

This list wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful full-aniline leather sofa. We have the sectional version of this classic mid century style sofa at the ranch, and it’s holding up to kids (and visiting dogs) remarkably! 

Burrard Leather sofa from Article
Burrard in Bella Tan (Article)

Not a huge fan of the caramel leather color? This brown is a lovely alternative. And with semi-aniline leather, the finish should be more resistant to scuffs than full-aniline leather.

Family Friendly Chaise Sofas

Enjoy stretching out on the sofa? If you have the space, a sofa chaise sectional is a great hybrid that allows a little more lounging without taking up quite as much space in your family room as a true sectional.

Another upholstered option with a pretty wood base and fabric choices!

I have found that a huge variety of friends and clients all find this sofa extremely comfortable! Add Pottery Barn’s wide variety of performance fabrics and you’re all set.

A more traditional look with roll arms, this sofa is super highly rated and has many fabric choices. The cushion covers are removable, too, for cleaning.

Family Friendly Sectionals

Got a big family or love hosting? No problem! Try these L-shaped and U-shaped sectionals to seat everyone together.

This may be a splurge, but I love the modular flexibility of this giant sectional! There are so many fabric choices, too.

Crypton Home’s polyester / linen blend is a wonderful performance fabric, and this streamlined, modern sectional would be beautiful in that fabric.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, clean-lined leather sectional with Pottery Barn quality.

Ready for wear and tear, easy to clean, and fun to look at… those are my top picks for family friendly sofas! Be sure to pin it for your next search.

stylish family friendly sofas

I hope you found this round up of kid-friendly sofas helpful! Tell me in the comments if you own any of these and what you think of it.

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  1. Wow! There are some really great choices here. I have a beautiful navy blue leather sectional that is hidden away in my upstairs loft. I have all light colors downstairs but with this THING called a DOG, I have been considering switching sofas out. Sigh—durability and function or “pretty to look at”? Great post.

    1. Hi there! Yes, pets always add a different element for choosing furniture. I find that scratching from pets is the worst offense!

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