DIY Housewarming Gift

There’s nothing quite like the mind of a 4 year old…

His understanding of my blog consists of approximately three concepts:

  1. Everything he finds or “creates” could be a “project” for the blog.
  2. Any person he sees on my computer screen (from pop-up ad models to Brad Pitt) is a “blog friend?”
  3. And any house that appears on my computer screen (even Buckingham Palace) is one my “blog friend’s houses?”

That last one kills me: his insistence that each photograph is a place where someone lives… He may be a bit confused, but he does “get” one thing: Home matters.

Housewarming Gift- Maison de Pax

It’s personal, protective, important. It doesn’t matter how fancy or humble, whether you rent or own, where it’s located, or how much it cost…

Wooden house number gift- Maison de Pax

It’s a place for you and your family to thrive. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

DIY wooden house warming gift in a garden pot- Maison de Pax

I recently had the opportunity to do just that when my brother moved into his new home. I wanted to give him something special to commemorate… enter a simple pot filled with a little love. 😉

DIY painted wooden block with house numbers- Maison de Pax

I started with a basic terra cotta pot which I paint-washed according to this tutorial. I love the aged patina and character that produces. I then made a quick sign using a cedar scrap (which ages well outside), just like this anniversary sign I made for my husband.

Garden pot filled with herbs and DIY wooden block- Maison de Pax

You may have noticed that I oriented the pot with the “Made in Italy” stamp at the front… My brother lived in Italy for several years and misses it now that he’s back in the states. I knew he would appreciate the reference. 🙂

Garden pot filled with herbs and DIY wooden block- Maison de Pax

Now I am not a stellar gardener… So I kept it simple: two native plants – one tall but full, one low and flowy to spill out of the pot. I had some spanish moss which I used to make the pot look more complete, and I added the house numbers sign. I know it will be perfect on his new front porch.

Garden pot filled with herbs and DIY wooden block- Maison de Pax

And I know he’ll feel loved. Supported in my confidence that his new house will be a home – his own little Buckingham.


Monogram Chalk Slatemonogram chalk slate- Maison de Pax

Decoupaged antique map- Maison de Pax

Decoupaged Antique Map

DIY Anniversary Sign- Maison de Pax

Rustic Wood Date Sign

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  1. Rachel,
    What a lovely post! I love gifts from the heart….and your son’s comments are so precious! You made my morning!

    1. I’m SO glad, Kathleen! He’s pretty hilarious, isn’t he? Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment!

  2. What a sweet (and creative) sister you are! You inspire me, as none of this comes naturally to me. Love this post!

    1. Oh, Heather, you are so kind! Thank you so much. I bet you’re more creative than you think. 🙂

  3. I am borrowing this idea, only I will be giving a rosemary plant, or some other herb since I am a foodie.

    You made me laugh about your son. I can so relate, only it is me. I have started looking around other people’s homes thinking anything and everything is a photo prop. Seriously I am developing a bad case of it.

    1. That’s wonderful! I love the idea of an edible plant gift. 🙂 And I must confess that I do the “prop planning” thing, too! So glad I’m not the only one!!

  4. So pretty! I love this Rachel- sharing on FB this week…. I want to move so someone will give me one of these:)

    1. Ha! Thank you so much, Krista. You could always just make one for your own porch… I’m seriously considering it myself! 😉

  5. Beautiful, Rachel! Such a great idea! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us this week!

  6. Your 4 year old thinks like my grandchildren ( the younger ones) they think I know everyone who blogs, giggle. Your gift for your brother is a lovely presentation but the gift of love you put into it will last forever. I invite you to share this yumminess at my Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ( you can link up through Sat) Hugs

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Katherine! I so appreciate that. 🙂 And so fun to hear that your grandchildren think like my son! xoxo

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