How to Create a Romantic Rose and Eucalyptus Centerpiece

Learn how to create a romantic centerpiece: eucalyptus and roses combined together create a gorgeous arrangement for your table for any spring, Easter, or holiday celebration.

Romantic Rose and Eucalyptus table centerpiece- Maison de Pax

I recently got to visit Paris for the first time since we had lived there over six years ago. It did not disappoint. 😉 Being there not only provided an over-abundance of tartes and at least 9 miles per day of walking, but it also renewed my appreciation for the simple elegance of French style.

Romantic centerpiece: white roses and eucalyptus centerpiece- Maison de Pax

Rose and Eucalyptus Centerpiece

While this centerpiece isn’t necessarily French, I think the balance of simplicity, beauty, and a little romance is similar to the beauty of Paris, don’t you?

gorgeous french country dining room- Maison de Pax

What you need to create a romantic, elegant centerpiece:

  • a bunch of eucalyptus (I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s)
  • ~2 dozen roses (can be done with less in a smaller container)
  • decorative container or vase
  • smaller container (like a large mason jar) to go inside the larger one

How to Create a Romantic Centerpiece

I first shared this centerpiece when I created ideas for decorating your Easter table, but I had many questions on how to achieve that look of relaxed elegance… so I put together a little tutorial for you all.


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How to create a romantic centerpiece with white roses and eucalyptus- Maison de Pax



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  1. Very pretty Rachel. And your dining room is so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. Julie

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