Affordable Modern Farmhouse Sconces

Bring that farmhouse chic look into your home with these excellent online sources for affordable modern farmhouse sconces: use them for bedside lamps, kitchen lighting, bathrooms sconces, and more!


I get questions all the time about the accordion sconces I put in my sons’ room as bedside table lamps. Unfortunately, those are only available from time to time, but since I was scouring for affordable modern farmhouse sconces for my kitchen (can’t wait to show you what I ended up with!), I have quite a collection pinned, and I thought I’d share them with you here.

Affordable Modern Farmhouse Sconces

Affordable Modern Farmhouse Sconces: Swing arm wall lamps, rustic modern metal and glass sconces... Perfect for bedside, kitchen, office, anywhere!

1. Lantern light sconce
2. Industrial swing wall sconce
3. Glass globe wall sconce
4. Glass hinged wall sconce
5. Hinged wall sconce
6. Hammered light sconce
7. Ironclad steel wall sconce
8. Aged Zinc wall sconce
9. Aged Copper swing arm sconce
10. Brass pivoting wall sconce
11. Accordion Lamp Wall Sconce
12. Gold metal wall lamp

 I think any of these would be gorgeous for bedside tables or flanking a mirror in the bathroom or even over countertops in the kitchen… So many possibilities. 🙂  Which sconce is your favorite?

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  1. I like 2, 8 & 9 for inside… But for outside, give me 7 anyday!
    New to your blog, via the happy housie. Looking forward to reading more!

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