Chic Modern Cabinet Hardware

Looking for modern cabinet hardware?  These silver and brass options would look beautiful in any space. Whether your style is farmhouse, modern, or traditional, these chic knobs and pulls will make your space sophisticated and lovely.


I’ve had a sink and faucets sitting in my garage for months.  I’ve had tile picked out almost as long… And I knew what countertops I wanted years ago.   But I still have yet to order my cabinet pulls.

Hardware is like the jewelry for your kitchen.  And while I like jewelry, I’m not a glitz and glam kind of gal; I like sophisticated, a bit understated, but definitely eye catching.  I like a mix of traditional and modern… And I like to layer it over some rustic elements.  In short, I’m probably overly complicated. 😉

But it has led me to search high and low for options for our cabinet hardware.  I have nailed it down to three (I think), and I am awaiting their arrival so I can hold them up in person and decide… But in the meantime, I think all of these are really fun options.  And while some definitely would be an investment, I think you’ll be surprised just how affordable several are!

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Chic Modern Cabinet Hardware: gorgeous knobs and cabinet pulls at a variety of prices - you'll be surprised how affordable some are!

1-Streamline Knob | 2-Faux Marble Knob | 3- Hampton Bar Pull
4-Satin Nickel Knob | 5-Chrome Cup Pull | 6-Faceted Ory Knob
7-Round Bar Pull | 8-Boulevard Pull | 9-Classic Hardware
10-Amber Gold Pull

Which is your favorite?

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