I love Paris in the… morning.

a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

Once upon a time there was this girl.

And she hated mornings.

I mean hated mornings.

She was more of a night owl.  😉 But she figured out that with three little children who wake up fairly early and run at eight million miles per hour all day every day that it is seriously beneficial to her health, spiritual well being and – let’s face it – sanity if she can wake up before those little balls of energy angels and have a little time for herself.

And so the tradition of the bistro table was born.

a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

Each morning most days, this girl now rises before the little ones to drink coffee, eat breakfast, and read her Bible.  And those days go so much more smoothly.

a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

All jesting aside, this little spot has become my sanctuary in the mornings.  And I’ve made the least favorite part of my day mornings just a touch more pleasant by adding to this space some touches of my favorite place: Paris.  These lampposts are one of my favorites (found in the outdoor section at Lowe’s years ago) because they remind me of the streets of Montmartre.

a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

The little bistro table with my cafe au lait and plate of fruit or granola is so much more intimate (and reminiscent of cafe tables in Paris) than our large kitchen or dining room tables.  And, naturally, fresh fruits and vegetables from our local marche when we lived there were always incredible.

a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

I even added one of my photographs from the time we lived there – this one from Chartres (a gothic cathedral just outside of Paris).

a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

Each morning, I curl up with a blanket in one of these old chairs and eat my breakfast at this little table (all inherited from my husband’s family).  The sun rises just outside those windows, so my morning is illuminated literally and metaphorically while I have my devotional time.  The quaint simplicity of it.  The unhurried pace.  The joy it brings…

I couldn’t think of any better space to share with you than this for the French Morning: part of our Country French decor series this month.

Country French1

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a darling little breakfast bistro table with Parisian touches | maisondepax.com

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  1. You have created such a beautiful spot to have your sense of peace in the morning to help you start your day with that beautiful family of yours…
    I love the lamp post. I used to have one in my patio but now it is in the attic…you have inspired me to use it elsewhere…love it!…and Rachel, I have always admired your incredible sense of serenity. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Rachel, what a lovely spot for a calm and pleasant morning! I never did get down the early morning rising-before-the-kids thing. Well, maybe when they were really small, but once they were in school, we all left together and mornings were crazy. These days they’re off on their own and my time is mine, so I’m delighted to be back to being a night owl and mornings are calm and pleasant again. Still, enjoy the time with the ruckus while you have it. It goes really fast!

  3. Susan C NJ says:

    I loved your entry for today. My children are adults, my youngest is getting married in June. My daughter woke me for years at 3:45 AM, as she skated and I drove her to the ice rink 6 days a week.
    I do have one grandson, that they let me have for sleep.overs.
    I don’t know where the time went. My next birthday will be a big one.It is exhausting those little ones, but I do miss them

    I have my grandmother’s tea wagon, which is placed in front of french doors . I too sit there drink my coffee and pray in the morning.
    I love your blog and hearing about your lovely family.

  4. So love this little quiet space you’ve made for yourself. Envious that you were able to live in Paris. I got to visit many years ago and it was so fast and I know there was so much I didn’t get to experience. Would so love to go back there and spend some quality time at a little bistro table and watch the world go by. Love your blog!! So much inspiration! Thanks for what you do.

  5. I love today’s post as it mentions your daily morning devotion. I am a believer that when we seek Him first and have a conversation with the One who leads our path, the day just seems to be peaceful and blessed. A beautiful spot like yours, of course, makes it more inviting and special. I sure hope to meet you someday as you are a sweet sister in Christ.And I love you already!

  6. You have a lovely home Rachel and what a great spot for a calm morning before the day gets going!

  7. Lovely space to start your day talking to the Lord.
    Many Blessings to you

  8. What a wonderful idea Rachel. I need to set up a spot for drinking coffee and watching the birds early in the morning. I love how you used your knitted blanket in the mix.

  9. It’s looks so cozy and the fruit looks amazing. Hope to see you again this year friend.

  10. Where is the table from? Thx

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      It belonged to my husband’s grandparents for years and years before I knew him. Sorry I don’t have a source!

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