Chunky Gray Knit Blanket (+ GIVEAWAY)

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Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

I love trying new things…  Seeing new places.  Eating new foods.  Meeting new people.  And, in case you haven’t noticed, I love creating things with my own two hands.  There’s a rush and thrill – not to mention a beautiful sense of accomplishment and satisfaction – when something you made is useful or lovely.  And my new chunky knit blanket satisfies all those categories.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

I have never knitted before, but I have several people in my life who are very special to me who love it.  Plus, I’ve been admiring chunky knit blankets this past year.  So it was an easy decision when We Are Knitters asked me if I wanted to try one of their kits.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

You may have noticed it appearing on Instagram and in my daughter’s room reveal recently.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

I decided to try the Udon blanket, and it arrived in an adorable brown bag that says, “All the Happiness in a Kit.”  At first, I wasn’t so sure…  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and apparently I am overly confident in myself because I chose an “Easy” project rather than a “Beginner” one.  I confess that at the start, at least, there were times I wished I had more instruction.  But after watching the video tutorials on their site (about 15 gazillion times) and getting past the first 10 rows or so, I was hooked.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

And how could you not be happy with a final product that looks like this?

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

The only thing better is how it feels.  Seriously.  This real wool is incredibly soft and luxurious.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

I’ve even started a second one (the Jake blanket) using the “natural” colored wool, and I can’t help but feel like I’m petting a (very clean and not smelly!) sheep in person.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

It’s so so lovely.

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

And the thick, chunky yarn was very forgiving.  I promise that my blanket is not perfect.  In fact, it was supposed to be 75 stitches (and I started with that many), but I was doing something wrong on the first 4 rows so that I ended up with 79 stitches for the rest of the blanket.  Oh well.  You can’t even tell, can you?

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

My next blanket is already coming along with less errors (funny how the practice of an entire blanket improves your skills quickly, isn’t it?).

Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

And I admit that I’m hooked.  I probably won’t knit as much as I would like because I don’t have that many chances to sit down with my 1, 3, and 5 year old children running around…  But I’m excited to keep learning and practicing when I can. :)

Giveaway has ended, but be sure to visit We Are Knitters for more fun knitting projects!

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Gorgeous diy chunky knit blanket in a soft gray wool |

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  1. I would try the Udon blamket!

  2. I love these chunky blankets. I am thinking about doing one myself and you have given me the incentive to give it a try.

  3. I love this chunky blanket. And the gray color is beautiful. It makes me want to try to make one myself. I will check out their site. Can’t wait to see your next one completed.

  4. I have been loving the chunky blankets this year too! I also would like to try a slouchy tam/beanie maybe their doughnut pattern?

  5. I would try the Nick blanket

  6. Excellent job Rachel, the blanket is beautiful. Love the chair it is on.

  7. These are beautiful!

  8. I’m very impressed that you just started and made the blanket. Very nice.

  9. I’ve been trying for months to master the art of knitting and this chunky look is exactly what I’ve been working on. I crochet but love the look of knitting more. So I may order a kit and I feel if I get one success under my belt, I’ll feel better about making more. Thanks so much for introducting this to your readers. We’ll see how it goes!!

  10. Beautiful and inspiring!

  11. I love the idea that everything is mailed to you. I suffer with environmental asthma and cannot shop in stores because of scents. The blankets are beautiful and would make it more fun to be stuck at home!

  12. I also love the Jake blanket and the Palm scarf. What a great giveaway! I love knitting (and crocheting) especially this time of the year
    Karen U

  13. I sure would love to win!

  14. I would love to learn to do this!

  15. Beautiful blanket would love to try this.

  16. Beautiful! Love these chunky blankets too. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Blessings to you, Candy

  17. Annie Brown says:

    Wow! It looks fabulous. Great job. I’m going to have to try this

  18. This is amazing….for your first project? It is almost too hard to believe.
    Very impressive.

  19. Jayne Slovick says:

    It is beautiful and now I want to knit one.

  20. Love the blanket! Great job.

  21. Ellen k young says:

    It’s sooooo cold here in the northeast, I wish I had it sitting on my lap right now! Maybe I’ll win one and stay warm this winter.

  22. Love cozy blankets!

  23. i like the cotton candy sweater

  24. Oooh. There are so many pretty things on that site! I love the chunky knit sweaters, but I’m a little rusty & had negligible skill to begin with, so that seems a little ambitious. But I totally think I could knock out that stunning Udon blanket. Might take me a year or three, but it’s classic, right?! 😉

  25. How many yarns did u use for one blanket?

  26. I want to do this! Not like a need another project but I can do it like my needlepoint–5 years and done! Love the Udon and will treat myself to this someday soon. I love the look of the basketweave. I really wanted to start knitting (and have before) and this would be a great way to do it!!

  27. karen sunday says:

    the udon blanket is perfect my granddaughter always says I want it I neeeed it lol! k sunday

  28. Kathie from IL says:

    I have decided to do the nick blanket but am having a terrible time deciding on the color😊

  29. I would definitely try the udon blanket!! I’ve been eyeing it forever it feels like!

  30. Diane Westbrook says:

    Hi! I have never heard of this company before and thank you for bringing it to my attention on your blog!! Everything is so lovely and it would be difficult to choose…that blankets are so appealing. I knit but have not done so for over a year….this has got me thinking that I had better start!! Look at the blanket you knit and your first project, as well….I am very impressed! Thanks a million for the giveaway, toooo!!! Diane

  31. I love the idea of knitting from a kit, since it’s been years since I’ve picked up needles. I would love to try either of the blankets!

  32. Suzanne Black says:

    Love the Udon blanket. Great site!!

  33. StephAnie S says:

    I love the Milkshake hat and the Nick Blanket. 💕

  34. I’d like to try the classic sweater.

  35. The blanket looks amazing! I’ve been looking at the we are knitters website the past week, and would love to start knitting my first sweater… It looks so tempting and doable!

  36. Cassandra E says:

    I’ve been wanting to learn to knit. I talk myself in and out. I have so many sweaters and scarves, (a windfall of brand new items from a friend in the industry.) But then I see the nursery post with the cozy chair and knitting project and it calls to me. A kit and online tutorial sounds fabulous.

  37. This is beautiful, Rachel! I tried my hand at knitting and just could not figure it out! I’m so jealous of you!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Thanks, Jenna!! You could totally try again… I had plenty of error, but the trial paid off eventually. 😉

  38. I’ve been knitting for 11 years now, and have never tried a kit before. I just use free patterns from ravelry and cheap acrylic yarn. The thistle cape is adorable! Or just lots of pretty yarn. Because I don’t already have a ridiculous amount of yarn, no matter what my boyfriend thinks. :-p

  39. Marie ireland says:


  40. Ummmm….WHAT?!?!? I can’t believe you made that! It is SO beautiful!

  41. I would like to make something cozy with the spotted blue and grey baby alpaca wool.

  42. Would love try my hand with the Udon blanket.

  43. I would love to try the Udon blanket!

  44. I would love to try the Udon blanket!

  45. This is lovely! And looks like it might be simple enough even for me!

  46. I love the Upon blanket!

  47. I can crochet a little but have always wanted to learn to knit. I love this simple, chunky blanket. Would LOVE to be able to say I made it!!

  48. beautiful yarn!

  49. What a wonderful giveaway! I absolutely love the kit for the Bee Blanket.

  50. I just love this blanket, looks so cozy!

  51. I love the Udon blanket … great project!

  52. I’d love to try their Martina Cardigan or a chunky blanket! Rachel, I am so impressed with your quick pick up of knitting skills! I truly hope you become addicted. I need a friend to go yarn shopping with.

  53. I love the knitted blankets!I would love to try the Nick blanket!

  54. Looks gorgeous, Rachel! I haven’t knitted in years. A chunky wool blanket looks great in every room.
    Hugs, Jamie

  55. Hi Rachel! Knitting is on my bucket list of things to learn. Your gray one here looks to comfy :) I featured it on my friday favorites. You are welcome to come check it out:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer Mae

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