It’s what’s inside that counts…

We all know this to be true… But it’s easy to get caught up in outward appearances, whether that’s clothes, home, car, or being pretending to be that person who “has it all together.”  Does anyone really have it all together?  There’s nothing like a new baby to give you a heaping dose of reality.

gorgeous chalk paint gray farmhouse dresser with painted drawers at

Reality 1: There are times when I literally cannot remember the last time I showered.

Reality 2: Yes, we have a 6′ by 4′ hole in our kitchen ceiling because it began pouring water during the rainstorm last Friday.  (Another story for another day, my friends.)

Reality 3: As much as I love having a beautiful home, my priority needs to be a safe, functional, inviting home for my family.

gorgeous chalk paint gray farmhouse dresser with painted drawers at

So this weekend I cleaned inside our kitchen cabinets.  I won’t even tell you how badly they needed it.  And I realized how easy it is for me to focus on the outside of something and ignore the inside…

gorgeous chalk paint gray farmhouse dresser with painted drawers at

Yes, I am showing you pictures of the gray farmhouse dresser I refinished for my daughter’s nursery.  But no, I am not reducing my contemplations to some pithy conclusion about painting the inside of dresser drawers.

I am sharing this because the inside of the dresser was gross: old, stained, and smelling like years and years of use.  I could have simply fixed up the outside and called it good… but I am so glad I didn’t.  It is so much cleaner and more functional now (not to mention lovely) – just what we need in my daughter’s nursery.  But more importantly, it reminded me that just as much time, energy, and effort (let’s face it, often more of all three!) ought to go into the things we can’t see…

gorgeous chalk paint gray farmhouse dresser with painted drawers at

because it’s what’s inside {you, your home, your children, your heart…} that counts.


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  1. Awesome post! I love how honest you are! We have 12382343109 things to cross off our “unfinished” list and it grows each week. ONCE in a blue moon we will cross one off and oh, it feels good! Thanks for the reminder (:

  2. Oh that dresser is lovely. And painting the inside?! Why didn’t I ever think of that! Looks soooooo nice. I will be doing this when it needs it…which is often with old battered pieces. My ten year old nephew and I rescue stuff and paint it…can’t even put it up for sale! People/friends come over and claim it before we even try

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Haha. I love it! Your rescued pieces must be wonderful if people are claiming them that quickly! :) And I’m so glad you like the dresser. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  3. Well, I am glad you painted the inside of the drawers. It feels so good when you know things are done right, even where you can’t see it. That being said, I do my fair share of pretending. My home looks so clean on my blog. What people don’t know is the junk that is hidden right outside the view of the camera… hahaha!! :)
    xo, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Thanks, Crystelle! I keep thinking that I’ll take a picture of all the junk behind me (out of the view of the camera lens!) while taking photos one day. We all do it!

  4. That little dresser is so pretty…love that you did the inside as well!
    Blog life is alot of pretty images with the chaos & clutter never seen
    but I love when a blogger tells all the dirty details about what their home is really like!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Thanks, Jen! If you want a really healthy dose of reality, check out today’s post and my laundry room chaos. 😉 It’s amazing how messy life can be outside the blog photos, isn’t it?

  5. Wow, I love this post! And the dresser! I can’t wait to see what else you have posted! If you would like, you can join my pinterest group board to share your posts!

  6. What is the color of the walls? Love it

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