Love Note Throw

I realize that this is a day late and a dollar short for anyone looking for Valentine’s Day presents, but since this was MY present to MY Valentine (who also happens to be my most faithful reader!), I had to wait until the big day had passed before I shared it with you…

diy grain sack throw blanket with typography- Maison de Pax

Honestly, I think this is simply a fun addition to any home at any time, whether you make it as a gift or for yourself. How can you go wrong with a sentiment like that?

diy grain sack throw blanket with typography

I found my inspiration from Decor Steals, but I had no way to get their adorable blanket in time for Valentines, and I liked the idea of slightly cooler colors for our living room. So, as usual, I managed to make my own version.

diy grain sack throw blanket with typography- Maison de Pax

I start with this throw blanket from Ikea. With a mixture of various paints I had at home, some painter’s tape, and (the secret ingredient for those who do not have a Silhouette or some other fancy vinyl cutter) some shelf liner, I managed in an afternoon!

Here’s how:

  1. Mix up some blue paint (I wanted a light, gray blue, so I added some blue acrylic to ASCP Paris Gray)
  2. Add a touch of water and a little textile medium to your paint
  3. Tape off two stripes (or more… I wanted it to stay simple) and paint
  4. Lay out your shelf liner and pencil in your words (I’m obsessive compulsive, so I used a ruler and lots of gridlines)
  5. Use an exact-o knife and scissors to cut our your letters
  6. Mix up your dark paint (I used ASCP Graphite) – don’t forget to add a touch of water and a little textile medium
  7. Lay your vinyl on the blanket as a stencil and paint
  8. As always, remove stencils promptly for the cleanest lines
  9. Let dry

diy grain sack throw blanket with typography- Maison de Pax

I admit that the paint isn’t perfectly soft, but it’s certainly not stiff or scratchy. And it should be washable. Since the nubby, grain-sack texture of the throw left the paint “imperfect,” if you will, it shouldn’t matter if it fades a bit.

diy grain sack throw blanket with typography- Maison de Pax

And I love it. More importantly, Mr. Pax likes it, too. Who wouldn’t?

diy grain sack throw blanket with typography- Maison de Pax

What did you give your valentine?

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  1. That throw turned out really nice. Such a sweet gift for Mr. Pax.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. What a great idea! Very creative, and I love the grain sack look. Visiting from The Dedicated House link party, going to check out more of your blog!

  3. This is such a great idea! I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing at our Link It or Lump It party. Totally pinning this!

  4. Looks fabulous Rachel! I have used ‘shelf liner’ for lettering too (I also lack a silhouette:). Adorable and creative throw!!

  5. This is so great! I’m sure your husband just loved it. I really like the blue strips in your version. Thank you for linking up at The Makers! 🙂

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  7. Hi Rachel, as i was on my way to check out your other Diy cabinets, as usual i got sidetracked ( : but am so glad I did. My daughter and I have a running contest about who can say ” I love you MORE ” first, so now i just say “More” to beat her at it. (Mind you we are 63 and 43 yrs.old ) I had bought her a bracelet that says “I love you more” on it, then i found a pillow so that was her birthday present. Now i know exactly what she’ll get for Christmas. Thanks again for the inspirations. Sincerely, Diena

    1. Diena, you just made my day! I’m SO glad to hear that the blanket will be special for you and your daughter. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. Keep up that competition! 🙂

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