DIY Fabric-Covered Lamp Shade

We’re continuing our parade of talented bloggers here today while I spend some special time with my baby girl…  And you all are in for a treat today because Aniko from Place of My Taste is one creative gal; you’re going to love her quick and easy project.  Thanks for being here, Aniko!


Fabric covered lamp shade by Place of My Taste 1

Hello Maison De Pax Readers. My name is Aniko and I blog over at Place Of My Taste. I am so glad to be here sharing an easy and fun lamp shade transformation with you all. I am constantly looking for items at home that could be revamped to something new, something colorful. I love colors and I am not afraid to use them in my house. Last month, I shared my Spring Home Tour, where you can peak in and look around in my house if you wish. I switched some pillow covers in my living room and I chose orange as an accent color in that room.

I have to confess that I have a huge “Monica closet”.

YES, I am not kidding.

This closet has a lot in it. I keep items there that are currently not used in the house for decoration. My husband thinks I am crazy to keep every little things, but you know, it so good when I get into creating mood and I can just go up to this little attic space to find something that could be fixed up.

The other day I found an old black lamp shade that was ripped on one side. I also found some colorful fabric to cover this old shade.

Fabric covered lamp shade by Place Of My Taste  (1 of 8)

I purchased this orange fabric last year with the purpose of making pillow covers out of it.

Well, that project never came to life…

…but the fabric was just perfect to cover my old lamp shade.

Are you ready to cover your own lamp shade?


– lamp shade

– multipurpose adhesive spray

– fabric

– scissors

I started by measuring my lamp shade. I cut my fabric a little bigger than my shade, so I could fold it around my shade.

Fabric covered lamp shade by Place Of My Taste  (2 of 8)

Using multipurpose adhesive spray made this project so easy. No mess. Just sprayed my fabric and covered the shade.

Fabric covered lamp shade by Place Of My Taste  (3 of 8)

Fabric covered lamp shade by Place Of My Taste  (4 of 8)

It really did not take but maybe 10 minutes total and I got a great stylish new lamp shade.

Fabric covered lamp shade by Place Of My Taste  (7 of 8)


Fabric covered lamp shade by Place Of My Taste

I hope you liked this super easy tutorial. Come see me for more DIY or some mouth watering Recipes.

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Thank you for reading my post today, and a big hug for Rachel to share her space with me!


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  1. Love the makeovers, they are all fabulous. That orange lamp shade is so perfect, it would go right in my room.

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