Kitchen Reno Progress and Gorgeous Fall Decor

I keep talking about our kitchen renovation, but I have yet to share any pictures… So I thought today I’d share one little glimpse of where we are and where we’re headed before I shared some gorgeous fall style from some friends.


It’s certainly not grand, but it does give you an idea of what’s happening. The cabinet layout is remaining essentially the same (except for the removal of the one above the sink), but the cabinets are being painted and new doors will be installed. The uppers will be white and the lowers will be gray (this is just the primer color, but you get an idea)… the better to show off our new farmhouse sink. 😉

What do you think??

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  1. It’s tough living in a home during renovations…especially of a kitchen! I really want to redo the kitchen at our beach home, so I’ll be looking at what you do!

  2. Rachel, thank you for sharing the lovely Halloween decorations. And congrats on making progress with your kitchen renovation. As always, you have amazing, classy taste. I love your site.

    There is just one thing I wish all bloggers would quit sharing…those crazy subscription pop ups. They make me kooky. They certainly don’t inspire me to sign up (especially when most of the time, I already have). And when multiple pop ups appear, more often than not I run for the high hills.

    1. Hi Ardith, than you for your sweet comment! And I feel you about the pop ups… It’s always a tough balance to make sites user friendly and still earn the sign ups we need to keep paying the bills. I’ve been working on some adjustments to my settings, and I hope it makes things easier on everyone!

      1. Hi Rachel, I do understand and definitely appreciate the need to fund your beautiful blog, the need to fund all blogs for that matter.

        I wonder if there is at least a way for site hosting companies to recognize subscribers who link directly to blogs from email alerts, and circumvent the subscriber-request pop ups? A girl can dream.

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me, Rachel.

        1. Haha… I’ve been wondering the same thing myself, Ardith! If I ever figure out how to do it, I promise to implement it on my blog right away. 😉 Happy Saturday!

  3. So exciting! We are currently painting our kitchen cabinets too and it’s such a long process! What color of grey are you doing on the lowers?

    1. Thank you! It is actually a Kraftmaid color called Grayloft (we ordered new doors from them and painted our cabinet frames to match). It is such a process, isn’t it? Good luck with yours!

      1. Hello Rachel what color white did you used for the top cabinet I been undicideof what to do but read your blog I have got inspiration to do my now thank-you do much Tina from Birmingham Alabama

        1. So glad you found this helpful, Tina! We actually used Kraftmaid doors (which we ordered at Home Depot), and the white is Kraftmaid’s Dove White. I hope this helps!

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