How to {Re}Decorate A Home

I shared a complete Before and After Tour of our home last week, and your responses were SO kind! I laugh, though, because I feel like maybe I should have dubbed it a “Before and During” tour instead. Not because our laundry room is only halfway finished (but the mudroom section is gorgeous!), or because our kitchen needs to be gutted… No, it’s because I don’t think decorating is ever finished.

To me, it’s an ongoing (and VERY fun!) process. I want to incorporate new things that inspire me and keep my home on trend.

Even if I managed to check everything off my list (yeah, right…), new items would appear within mere minutes, I tell you! So Havertys recently asked me the question that I am now posing to you: how do we choose the perfect furniture for our homes and keep our decor on trend without losing our sanity or our life savings? Ok, maybe I added the last part. 😉 But seriously, how do we make and keep our homes beautiful and up to date and still have a life?

#1 Don’t be afraid to go without {for a while}.

There’s no huge rush. It took us months when we first moved into this home before we purchased living room furniture. And my son’s room was entirely empty except for the crib for at least half a year. While we could have easily afforded some bargain furniture to fill the space, we wanted to wait until we could afford what we really wanted that would last.

Which brings me to…

#2 Don’t be afraid to spend more on some quality, neutral staples.

Will avocado green shag rugs always be in style? No. Will brightly colored, loud, tropical print couches be your forever favorite? Probably not. But, if you have a good, solid, neutral (i.e. black, brown, gray, tan, white… even navy can probably count) couch, bed, dresser, whatever. Those things you’ll always need and can work around as your style and tastes change. Though I have certainly drooled over something more exciting or interesting than our brown leather couches, they’re durable and perfect for our family.

By layering pillows, artwork, lamps, and side tables that are more “in style” around them, I can change the entire look for a fraction of the cost.

And, of course, don’t forget to shop sales for those staple pieces. Havertys has a Labor Day sale coming up. Find one near you here.

#3 Don’t be afraid to experiment with turning trash to treasure.

I know that not everyone is rolling in money. For that matter, Scrooge McDuck might be the only one who has ever literally rolled in money… But I digress. Since most of us have budgets and limitations, I think this one is really important. It may seem contradictory to #1 and #2, but hear me out. I don’t recommend filling a space just to fill it. But if you can find something really affordable that might work for the time being, go for it! It’s an excellent way to save money so that you can afford more quality staples. In our playroom, for example, I made over a $30 armoire I found on Craigslist. It hid my kids toys from sight and allowed me to stay under budget on our new living room furniture which we bought around the same time. It may not last us 30 years like some of our higher quality pieces, but I love how it looks post makeover.


Whether it’s searching online, visiting furniture stores, or repainting something in your backyard with your kids, remember that the goal is to make your life and home beautiful, functional, and comfortable… Let the process be part of that. I remember one furniture shopping experience on a busy Saturday with a newborn and a toddler, and a huge feeling of pressure to get what we needed that day (note: I was the one putting the pressure on myself! big mistake!). Let’s just say that the day was so stressful and frustrating that it has taken me a long time even to be able to enjoy the furniture we purchased that day. Isn’t that ridiculous? So enjoy yourself. If there’s a fun accent that catches your eye and will bring a smile to your face {but won’t prohibit your buying the quality staples you need}, go for it! When the time does come to shop in store, make plenty of time and enjoy it. And if budget requires a little DIY magic, put your kids to work (or your hubby or friends!) with you and make a party of it. 😉

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Havertys. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve discovered that the pieces I bought because I felt pressured to fill and decorate our house (i.e. our bedroom dresser, our living room couches, and our paint color) I don’t really love in the long run. Thinking it through it always best. I think we all put ridiculous pressure on ourselves when it comes to decorating though. Sometimes we need reminding that it’s not a race. I think your home is gorgeous exactly the way it is. :)

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Isn’t that the truth, Lauren! I have to force myself to slow down and choose for the long run. Thank you for your sweet comment!!

  2. Thank you for the great tips, I have a bad habit of buying too many accessories and using up my budget on smalls so there’s nothing left for the BIG things. It’s a trend I’m trying to change. Your rooms look so purposeful, how do you develop a room ahead of time and know what to look for, that seems to be my main problem, going in too many different directions and not getting to look I really want.

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      I completely understand, Teresa! I think that slowing down and choosing solid, timeless main pieces helps me not go too crazy… But I have done my fair share of chasing tangents and changing my mind, too; I just try to do those with really cheap pieces! :)

  3. This is so good Rachel!!! Decorating is totally an ongoing process for me too. And it is always fun because like you, I don’t let it break the bank! We spend money on the things that will last and the fun things that we change out often are usually thrifted or DIYs anyway! Love this post so much!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Thank you so much, Chelsea!! It’s a delicate balance, but I think it’s what makes decorating fun. :)

  4. I love this post! I was just thinking yesterday and this morning that I am exhausted from trying to find all the “right” pieces and put them all together. When I finish one project and look around there is still so so much to do. Love the advice to just relax, have fun, and wait for the right pieces to come along!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      I do hope you’re able to do that, Nicole! I have to remind myself of the same thing… Thanks so much for your sweet comment. :)

  5. Wonderful post Rachel! You have a gorgeous home and a really great eye for style and decor! I love Haverty’s – we bought our boy’s beds and chest of drawers there and love their quality and style! And if you find the secret of how to be ‘done’ decorating let me know….my hubby keeps asking me to find that secret too lol!!


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