Playroom Progress

Thank you all SO much for your kind words and encouragement when I shared my before and after home tour!!  I can’t believe how far it’s all come…  One room that is still very much in progress is the playroom.  It’s right off the living room (and we are SO thankful to have that space!), so it’s important to me that it be both functional and not-too-childish.  We aren’t finished yet (are we ever? 😉 ), but I wanted to share our recent progress.

Fabulous "vintage aqua" bookcase makeover for adorable and functional playroom storage at #makeover #furniture #paint #diy #tutorial #chalkpaint

I think it compliments the gray armoire I made over last year beautifully.

Fabulous "vintage aqua" bookcase makeover for adorable and functional playroom storage at #makeover #furniture #paint #diy #tutorial #chalkpaint

But this is what the other side of the room looks like.  #brutalhonesty

Aqua Playroom Bookcase (1 of 10)

So there is much more to come… And I promise to share how I turned a free bookcase (which I scored from my neighbor’s trash) into this gorgeous aqua piece soon.

Fabulous "vintage aqua" bookcase makeover for adorable and functional playroom storage at #makeover #furniture #paint #diy #tutorial #chalkpaint

In the meantime, in light of the glacier-speed this playroom design has been (and the mess on the right side of the room), I leave you with this thought:

Am I the only one who needs to remember that statement of grace when I consider the state of my house?  Which room is taking you forever?

Did you enjoy that?

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  1. I need that sign! After feeding my 9 month old beans and weenies last night (he eats like a 4 year old!), I looked down at my disgusting floor and thought “wow!” Time for the dogs to play vacuum, time to mop, etc. but my baby boy was so happy that it was all worth it! Love your teal book case, it looks great! Are you going to paint the tables the same color?

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Ha! I love it, Megan. We’ve all been there (or we should be!). Thanks so much for the sweet words!

  2. Rachel my “baby” will be 32 this month and my eldest will be 40 next month. There is also a 36 year old thrown in the middle. When my almost 40 year old was born, I did a needlepoint that said: Cooking and Cleaning can wait till tomorrow for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby and baby’s don’t keep. When I type the ages of my boys, it just amazes me. My house is clean now – no fingerprints, no toys, no sports equipment – NO kids (haven’t been graced with grandchildren) and you know what, I liked it better when it was a mess. Enjoy your babies.

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      What wonderful encouragement, Patty! We need reminders like that when we’re in the thick of things. :)

  3. First I need to say how much I enjoy your blog. My cutie is now 22 years old and is not out on her
    own yet. Some days I do not want her to ever leave and then on other days… get the picture.
    The messes are the best part. My yard was play central….we had the tents, the yellow brick road,
    the tree house, the treasure maps and tons of action. I miss those days of innocence. Keep them
    close, hug them often and never go a day without saying I love you.

  4. Amen, sister! Our house is almost always covered with toys, but the Cs are happy! :) Love your beautiful bookcase– looking forward to the tutorial!

    ~Abby =)

  5. this room is just precious! playful and real but sophisticated all at the same time. Can’t wait to see more.

    xoxo – tara

  6. I’m loving the colors, the bins, and can’t wait to see the details you add!!! Featuring you tomorrow. XO, Aimee

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