How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets


Note: Lightroom Mobile is a FREE app, but there are some tools that are unlocked when you have an Adobe CC account.  To learn more about Adobe CC accounts and why I recommend one for photography editing, see my Photography Resources page.

These instructions apply to Pax Presets (including Pax Free Presets), but the steps will be very similar – if not identical – for all Lightroom Mobile presets you purchase or download online.

Step 1: get the .DNG files onto your phone

You need to download the .DNG files and save them (save image) to your mobile device. You can do this by opening the files on your desktop/laptop and sending them to your mobile device using Airdrop, Dropbox, or iCloud. Or you can open the download page or email on your mobile device and download your presets directly to your mobile device. Most presets will be zipped, so if you choose the mobile method, you will need to download an app on your mobile device to unzip the file to install your presets.  Unzip works well for the job.
Note: Your camera roll on your mobile device will not be able to read the image yet, so it will look blank. Don’t worry. 😉

Step 2: Prepare Lightroom Mobile

Open the Lightroom Mobile app on your mobile device and click on the books icon in the top left corner. Then, click the “create an album” button (or + sign) in the albums section below. Title the new album “Pax Presets” (or your name of choice).

Step 3: Add the .DNG Files

Click on the new album to open it. Then tap the blue button (add image/file) and select the .DNG file from your camera roll that you sent to your phone/tablet in step 1. (Repeat this step for each preset.)

Step 4: Create Presets

Click on the added image, then tap the “…” icon in the top right corner and click “create preset” from the list. On the next screen, name your preset. (Repeat this step for each preset. You can group your Pax Presets in a folder to keep them organized if you like.)

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