Round Top, Demijohns, and a Fall Centerpiece

Is it just me or does that title sound like a stock list for toupees?  Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind and imagined myself a men’s fashion blogger…  It’s still the same old me. 😉

That said, if you follow me on instagram (which you can do here), you know that I had a really wonderful Friday last week.  One of those amazing days that makes your heart smile – a day that inspired me to share this bit of fall with you:

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

Now what on earth did last Friday have to do with fall centerpieces?  Friday involved a trip to Round Top, Texas.  I’ve lived almost my whole life in Texas (except for when I lived in Paris), and there’s nothing quite like a small Texas town to make me remember why I’m thankful God put me here.  Even better?  Add a bunch of antiques at one of the largest antique markets around… Let’s just say this was me on the drive there.

photo copy 2

But the very best part was that Mr. Pax was able to take the day off and go with me.  So so very fun.  He had never been, and it was such a joy and privilege to do something I love with the man I love.  So blessed.  The only downside of the whole day was that we found nothing.  Nada.  Can you believe it?  We went with a long list of potential pieces for our home, but we just didn’t find quite the right ones.  We did see some gorgeous rustic antiques, though (please forgive the iphone pics):

photo copy

And found some inspiration for some projects we are planning to build soon:


But as far as things we felt compelled to buy, we came up empty.  And that’s ok.  The only really tempting thing to me were the collections of antique demijohns.  Especially the slightly turquoise ones.  They were calling my name… but I showed restraint and decided to pay a little trip to visit my old friend Hobby Lobby who had their’s for half off.  And that, my friends, is why Round Top inspired my fall centerpiece.  Here it is.

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

Three versions of demijohns.  Two types of branches.  Two book page pumpkins.  And a partridge in a pear tree.

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

Ok, maybe not the partridge.  But I do have a really beautiful little green pumpkin.

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

I’ll share the full table in my fall tour next week (don’t miss it!), but I wanted to focus on the centerpiece right now because I love it.  The various types of glass…

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

The way they seem full and yet have plenty of empty space (remember my goal to have a little empty space in my life this season?)…

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

And the hints of green.  Yum.

Maybe my favorite part, though, is all the textures…

gorgeous neutral fall centerpieces at #fall #decor #centerpiece #tablescape #dining

What do you think?  What’s your favorite part?

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  1. Beautiful centerpiece! so funny, I am going to Round Top tomorrow with my youngest son (he is 4). Big kids are staying home with Dad.(soccer games and football practice). We are going until Friday. I have never gone before and am soooo looking forward to the trip. Looking for lighting and possible mirrors and sinks for the new house. :). its supposed to be amazing!

  2. Such beautiful ideas Rachel…but I missed the partridge? Was he hiding:) lol. Pinning some gorgeous inspiration!!

  3. Stunning! I love the wavy glass of that big one. You’re right the textures are to die for. The green is beautiful too. And so versatile for so many seasons. Texas always seems to have the coolest antiques! I”m jealous. So sorry your trip was sort of a bust though. :(

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Thank you, Lauren! I’m pretty excited about the versatility of these jars – like you said, all year long! And thanks for the sweet note. Sometimes I think it’s good to come up empty handed – reminds me of what’s important (hint: it’s not always a perfectly outfitted house, right?!?!) :)

  4. Love this! Great idea for a centerpiece for a dinner party I’m having this weekend.
    Also, I like the idea of space in your life- I need that too.

  5. Love the clear glass did you get from Hobby Lobby?
    Also the simplicity of it.

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