Sweet and Smoky Goat Cheese Pasta

Servings 4 -6 servings


  • 16 oz whole wheat spaghetti
  • olive oil
  • 1 large sweet yellow onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic or ~1 t refrigerate minced garlic
  • 1 jar ~2 oz dried beef (sometimes labeled chipped beef - found near canned meats at the store)
  • goat cheese crumbles


  1. Prepare pasta according to package directions.
  2. While pasta cooks, chop your onion and garlic and saute in olive oil over medium high heat.
  3. Once onion is translucent, slice your dried beef and add it to the skillet.
  4. Saute onion, garlic, and beef until pasta is ready (the sweet onion should almost caramelize).
  5. Toss mixture with pasta (add a little olive oil to your pasta, if desired).
  6. Top each serving with the desired amount of goat cheese crumbles.