Welcome! Be sure to read the directions below* and return to your Maison de Pax order email for the actual download file.

These directions are for your DESKTOP presets only. Please return to your order confirmation for mobile directions and downloads.

Note: this is a single user license, which is strictly for your own benefit and cannot be shared… thanks for keeping these to yourself!

*Scroll down for video instructions!

STEP 1: DOwnload presets

Download your presets via the confirmation page or confirmation email and unzip the folder. Save the .XMP files to your desktop.

STEP 2: Import Presets

Open the Lightroom software on your computer and click on the “Develop” module in the top right toolbar. Then, click the + sign next to “Presets” in the left side toolbar. Click “Import Presets.”

Navigate to your desktop and choose the first .XMP file to import. The preset should automatically appear in your preset list in Lightroom.

STEP 3: Repeat

Repeat for each preset.



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