How to Use Pax Shakespeare Presets Mobile



Import your own images into Lightroom by tapping the blue image icon with the plus sign in the bottom right corner. Select your photo(s) and tap the blue “Add Photos” button at the bottom.

How to use Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Mobile Presets


To apply a preset, scroll to the right on the menu bar at the bottom and choose “Presets.” Then choose the correct folder (wherever you placed the presets) from the drop down and tap your chosen preset. Then tap the check mark in the bottom right corner to apply.

How to use Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Mobile Presets-preset
How to use Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Mobile Presets-choose preset


The presets will usually do their magic with just one click! But there are times when a slight adjustment or two will make all the difference.  Start with exposure under the Light tap (if the image was especially bright or dark straight out of camera) or white balance under the Color tab (if the image was especially blue or orange to start).

How to use Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Mobile Presets - Exposure adjustment
How to use Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Mobile Presets - Color Balance Adjustment

You can see the differences here:


before lightroom preset

Titania Preset

applying Pax Shakespeare Lightroom preset

Adjusted in Lightroom

how to adjust presets in Lightroom


To export your edited image, click the share icon in the top bar and choose “Export to Camera Roll.”

How to use Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Mobile Presets-Export

Tips for choosing the right Pax Shakespeare Preset:

Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Preset - Juliet

JULIET | soft + romantic
Try Juliet to brighten and soften simultaneously. She is especially beautiful on candles or twinkle lights.

Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Preset-Rosalind

Rosalind | bright, crisp, + solid
Rosalind is a go-to for natural light interiors. Brighten your images without losing detail.

Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Presets - Katerina

Katherina | for brightening even the darkest images
When the natural light fails you, Katherina helps you rescue seemingly lost causes. She will brighten shadows and lessen contrasts to give your image a bright, even feel.

Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Presets - Desdemona

Desdemona | moody for high-contrast drama
Many presets that brighten images leave darker colors washed out, but Desdemona accentuates the contrast and emboldens your darker colors while still brightening up the overall image. Perfect for interiors with high-contrast color palettes.

Pax Shakespeare Lightroom Presets - Titania

Titania | rich + perfect for outdoors
Add a touch of vibrancy with Titania. Perfect for outdoor living spaces with greenery, skies, and even sunsets. To capture the perfect scene, you may find it helpful to adjust the temperature after the preset is applied: warmer for sunrise/sunset or cooler for a mid-day look.

Now enjoy! And don’t forget to share your photos with #paxpresets