The Best DIY Projects and Decorating Tips of 2016

So many fabulous diy projects, decorating ideas, and home decor! best of 2016

As I said on January 1 when I shared my favorite cozy blankets this season to enjoy this winter, I cannot believe a new year is upon us again.  Before we blaze ahead to 2017, though, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the top 10 posts of 2016, and I'm so glad to be joining a group of other amazing DIY and home decor bloggers to do the same.  If you want to find THE BEST of THE BEST diy … [Read more...]

Reader Survey (+ Giveaway)

2016 Reader Survey

I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your being here for this journey with me.  I cannot believe that I started this blog about three years ago.  We were still in our previous home and had only two boys at the time.  Now, one move and a little girl later, here we are.  I feel like after all we've been through together, I can trust you to give me some feedback.  Do you mind? Pretend you … [Read more...]

2016 Word of the Year

lovely white master bedroom with touches of greenery, warm throws, and texture for winter |

I'm still ruminating on this, and I've never been one for haphazard declarations of intent, but I do believe in intentionality... 2015 was a very full year.  My kids turned 1, 3, and 5.  Mr. Pax started a new job... in a new city.  We moved to join him after a few months.  My oldest started kindergarten.  We started life over: new home, new schools, new church, new city, new friends.  It's … [Read more...]

The Best of 2015

So many fabulous diy projects and ideas! best of 2015

I cannot believe another year has gone by... Since the "Best of 2014," we sold our beloved 75 year old fixer upper in the city. And moved to an acre+ in the Texas hill country. And despite the challenges of this past year and every day (and, naturally, there are plenty), life is sweet. But I digress... So here's your recap for 2015. JANUARY ...I began with some meal planning … [Read more...]

French Accents

Learn how to create gorgeous, French, farmhouse style with Anita Joyce's wonderful book French Accents. Review on

If you've been following along for a while (or you've read my About Me page), you know that France holds a special place in my heart... The place. The people. The food. The decor. So I couldn't resist an opportunity to tell you about my friend Anita's new book, French Accents. Anita is so special to me because she was my very first blog friend that became a real life friend.  When … [Read more...]

Porch Gold

I love this warm gray bead board! Tips for painting wainscoting |

If you've been following for sometime, you know I love weathered rustic pieces (like the diy pumpkin I shared yesterday).  But - former English teacher that I am - I can't resist a little juxtaposition. And I'm loving the gold accents in our half bath: my perfect gold mirror and gorgeous new light. Speaking of my half bath makeover, today is your last chance to enter my birthday … [Read more...]

Photography Tips: Editing in Photoshop

Excellent tutorial for editing in Photoshop - incredible before and afters!

Happy Wednesday!  Did you catch my sneak peek on Monday?  I'm very pleased to say that the painting is coming along nicely... In fact, I'm forcing myself not to finish the last wall (can I tell you what absolute agony it is for me to leave something partially finished?!) to write this tutorial for you. That, friends, is real love. ;) Remember, you can catch the previous installments of … [Read more...]

Photography Tips: Editing in Lightroom

Such helpful tips! How to create gorgeous interior photography: A full step by step tutorial for editing in Lightroom |

I really cannot tell you all how encouraged and honored I am by the amount of interest in my recent photography series.  You can catch all the previous installments below: Equipment Staging and Composition Lighting While all I shared in my previous posts has improved my photography immensely, I think that far and away the greatest impact on my photography development has been learning to … [Read more...]

Photography Tips: Lighting

10 photography lighting tips. Learn how to take gorgeous interior photographs with these detailed instructions!

Welcome back to the third part of my photography series: lighting tips for interior photography.  Click the links for part 1 (equipment) and part 2 (staging and composition). I've heard it said that photography is 90% lighting and 10% subject.  It is, after all, simply a matter of the light you allow into your camera - how much and how long - that creates your image. I don't at all … [Read more...]

Photography Tips: Staging and Composition

15 photography tips for staging and composition. Learn how to take gorgeous interior photographs!

I was overwhelmed by your kind response to my first photography tips post: everything you need for gorgeous interior photography.  Thank you!  I am (finally!) continuing the series with the next step: tips for staging and composition. For those of you who (like me) like to organize things in your mind, I'm planning to go "in order" of how this process works.  The series will continue as … [Read more...]

Everything You Need for Gorgeous Interior Photography

Gorgeous interior photography can be done with affordable photography equipment - get the full scoop here with Everything You Need for Gorgeous Interior Photography |

I'm no expert.  I'm a self-taught amateur with a low-end DSLR camera, a few affordable accessories, very little time on my hands, and three young children running circles around me. But for some reason, y'all seem to like the pictures I take, which thrills me to no end (seriously, I feel like a teenager getting asked to prom...).  So after multiple recent questions about my photography, I … [Read more...]

bHome and a Giveaway

gorgeous printable digital art and photography | enter to win at

I've got this amazing picture... You know the kind. My husband is wearing a baseball cap (looking handsome, as ever!), and my oldest son - just barely two at the time - is wearing one, too. His dad's, naturally. And smiling the biggest smile you've ever seen... Because he feels so grown up. And honestly, that's a little how I feel today. I am so honored to be a part of … [Read more...]

The Best of Maison de Pax 2014

So many fabulous diy projects and ideas! best of 2014

Is it really almost 2015?  I can't believe it...  This little project of mine has grown exponentially in this last year, and I have YOU ALL to thank.  I can't believe how much encouragement and sharing has gone on, and I am humbled.  In case you are a recent addition to the family or you simply missed something this past year, I've collected all my top posts from 2014.  All in one place. In … [Read more...]

How to Get More Done (And a Giveaway!)

tips for moms to get more done via

Probably the number one question I get in life (other than oh my gosh, you lived in Paris? How was it?) is how on earth do you get so much done? I'd like to say it's because of my superhuman speed or secret army of minions at my beck and call... But the truth is, as a stay-at-home mom of three (4, 2, and 5 months) with two part-time jobs, extensive church commitments, and a need to paint … [Read more...]

Tour through Blogland

gorgeous living room makeover at

Today is a little different.  Today is a quick look into the mind and process behind Maison de Pax.  Yikes. Run away now.  Just kidding!  Maybe. ;) Seriously, Jamie from So Much Better With Age (who has such a beautiful home and wonderful vintage French style!) asked me to be a part of this tour... So here we go.  I'll answer four fun questions for you today, and then share with you … [Read more...]