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My name is Rachel.  I love coffee, painting, designing, restoring, family, Jesus, food, laughter, and beauty… not necessarily in that order.

Summer Back Porch (laugh2)

I have always been a jack (or jane?) of all trades…  I love to build, design, remake, tweak, create, photograph, and paint.  I love antiques and brand new goodies.  I love industrial and natural.  I love juxtaposition of many forms…  I guess that’s the former literature-teacher in me.

meet Rachel at maisondepax.com - an eclectic, classic, creative design and lifestyle blog

I am determined to embrace the philosophy that unfinished is ok. quirky is entertaining. imperfect is interesting.

Most importantly, peace and joy in my home are not dependent upon beautiful furniture, well-styled mantles, and creative wall art.

I have a precious family: Mr. Pax, myself, two handsome boys, and one gorgeous little girl.

But the story for this blog begins in 2009 when my husband and I, both native Texans, uprooted and replanted ourselves in Paris.  

Paris on a snowy day... maisondepax.com

I first became a “stay-at-home” wife while there.  Our first child was born there.  

maisondepax.com - an eclectic, classic, creative design and lifestyle blog
And, though we had been married for five years before we moved to Paris, I first truly began to envision and dream of “our home” while we lived there.  It seems silly, in retrospect, since our 800 square foot apartment there was not only rented but furnished… leaving me very little ownership of the style and decor in the home.  I realized while living there, though, that those are simply a small fraction of the ingredients that go into the atmosphere and heart of a home.
In 2012, we moved back to the US, with our second son’s arrival eminent.  After our time in Paris, my husband and I were both desiring an older home with great character near the city… and we weren’t afraid to put in some work.  We were blessed to find a beautiful 1940 colonial (though in desperate need of some love), and we moved in one week before the baby’s arrival.  Needless to say, the work went slowly but surely!  You can now tour the home here.

Beautiful, simple, traditional summer home tour at maisondepax.com

After three years (and LOTS of work), we sold our beautiful colonial in the city for 1.3 acres in the Texas hill country.  And, of course, a new adventure now awaits…  

I’d love for you to follow along.




Have any questions?  I would love to hear from you!  Email me at maisondepax@gmail{dot}com

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