Using Greenery in your Home and Life (Pantone’s Color of the Year)

Accessories for fashion and home that celebrate the cheery, green tones of earth and nature using Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery.


As a self-proclaimed lover of neutrals and blues, I found the recent Color of the Year announcement by Pantone a little intimidating… but the name had me hooked: greenery.  Even though I look terrible in lime green (and if you’ve read my post on picking paint colors, then you know I recommend painting your home in colors that you wear), I began to look around my home and realize that I actually use similar tones often.  My fiddle leaf fig trees (which you can see in our home tour), the fresh greens I love to clip from the yard, even the magnolia garland I used to decorate our home for the holidays… All of these carry that same cheery green tone.  So why not add a little more into our lives and spaces this year?

I’ve rounded up a collection of neutrals and greens (even some that are a little more bluish or jewel-toned for those of you who prefer less yellow) so that you can shop, use, and enjoy the color this year.  What’s your favorite?

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Using Greenery in your Home and Life (Pantone's Color of the Year): Accessories for fashion and home that celebrate the cheery, green tones of earth and nature.

1 – earrings | 2 – eye shadow | 3 – nail polish
4 – fiddle leaf fig tree | 5 – hurricane jars | 6 – fern wreath
7 – dip dye pillow | 8 – chunky knit pillow | 9- leaf pillow | 10 – poof | 11 – fringed bin
12 – chambray kitchen towel | 13 – terry dish towel | 14 – water bottle
15 – wrist wallet | 16 – cardigan | 17 – phone case | 18 – flip flops | 19 – ballet flats

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  1. I have mixed emotions about this color…in certain situations I think it’s beautiful while in others I find it dreadful. My taste isn’t so bold I prefer to stick with the crisp, Classic, elegant styles of life while this is the modern flashy, I feel it will grow old very shortly type of style. But that’s why God made everyone unique so we can all bring our own styles together to make things beautiful. Thanks for the blog.

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Yes! I love what you said about everyone’s unique tastes. And it’s funny, all together on this page I think it looks very modern and edgy (which can be fun, but isn’t really my style!), but I think almost anyone can enjoy one or two accents here and there for a little variety while still keeping true to whatever makes her smile. :)

  2. Love number 4 and 10, Rachel! I’ve always thought your fiddle leaf fig was a beautiful addition to your home. In my Wee Abode (which is a rental), the bathroom is painted (both walls and cupboards) in an ivory that leans to the yellow side. I’ve found that the muted ‘spring’ green colors, with more yellow in them, compliment the ivory REALLY well. Neutral and serene, but give it just enough ‘umph’. 😉 I was given a ‘Rast’ chest from IKEA for my b-day and I’ll be giving it a ‘spring’ green chalk paint makeover for extra storage. :-) I’m looking forward to seeing if/how you incorporate green into your already lovely home!

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