The Best Way to Organize Legos

I know this is a little outside my norm, but if you don’t have kids (or your kids don’t do Legos), please don’t unsubscribe or write me off.  This is one of those posts that may not be a gorgeous before and after or a creative DIY, but it has been pure gold in this household.  Super shiny wonderful floating on puffy white happy clouds…  Seriously.  For us, at least, we have found the best way to organize Legos.

This is seriously amazing! The best way to organize legos |

It’s not complicated or even all that brilliant (and I’m sure others have thought of this before), but we’ve tried several other methods: keeping them in the original boxes, sorting by type or color, ziplock baggies, etc.  And this one takes the cake.

Little plastic drawers coral different Lego sets

Now I should clarify that my kids like to build the sets according to the instructions.  I think they are engineers in training. 😉  We do have some classic Legos that we keep in that red box for creative building (and, to brag on my 5 year old, he built the red creature you see without any instructions)… but mostly they like to build the actual sets as they were designed.  With this system, my 3 and 5 year old boys can now keep track of their pieces and, therefore, keep track of their sets.  Which allows for hours of entertainment.  And that’s a win all around.

these drawers are perfect for a playroom

I have to give full credit to Mr. Pax for this one.  He went to the local hardware store and found this little set of drawers.  You can find a very similar one on Amazon here.  He then used his P Touch label maker (yes, we are nerds) to label the boxes.  Brilliant.

label plastic drawers for lego sets

And now the kid who works straight from the box…

best way to organize legos
Or the kid who sorts every single piece in the set into color and shape before he begins (I kid you not – this photo was not staged in any way)…

keep Legos organized with labeled drawers

Both are set.  The little drawers come all the way out easily.  They get used.  They get put back.

little plastic hardware drawers are perfect for organizing Lego sets

The piece is shallower than most standard depth bookcases, which is perfect because it allows a little space for pieces that were built and aren’t quite ready to be taken apart.  For a few larger sets, we had to divide between multiple drawers, but it seems to be working just fine.  If you need Lego help, look no farther than this awesome little box.

This has seriously been a life saver for us.  I hope it’s helpful for you, too.

pin it image

This is seriously amazing! The best way to organize legos |

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  1. Hi friend –
    I’m going to make you laugh. P & I were curious which son sorted by color? My bets are on #2, but P thinks it’s son #1. Who’s right??? Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Wow! Love this. I can’t believe I never thought of this before. Awesome that your husband put this together, too.

  3. I have to be honest, I got really excited when I saw the title, because for
    years now we have tried different methods to keep the “thousand” of pieces
    under control with no success :( , but let me tell you your kids are
    super well organized, but this would not work on our house. I only have one that uses Legos and he loves to follow the instruction just the first time then it changes and evolve into something different, at times only keeps part of the body and build something else from there(I laugh so hard at the movies it was just like our house!)but anyway I am happy someone has found a solution that works for you. I will keep looking until I find mine!!
    Btw, love your stairs !!!!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Oh Millie, I’m so sorry this wasn’t the perfect solution for you! I know that each child plays with legos differently… I still crack up that my kids are so determined to follow the instructions. If only they followed my instructions as carefully! I hope you find the perfect solution for your family soon. :)

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