Tips for a Clutter Free Desk

Have you ever seen that t-shirt that says,

“I’m not OCD; I’m CDO.  It’s like the same thing but in the right order.”

I confess, there’s a small part of that which resonates with me.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

And that part has been struggling to come to terms with the fact that my desk is no longer in a designated office.  As you may have noticed when I shared our new rug in the entry way

It’s right by the front door and visible from almost the entire downstairs.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

Though it was in a similar location looking out the front window in our last house (you can tour my previous office here if you’d like), it was a separate room.

With my vintage file cabinet and walls to hide my mess. 😉

But no longer.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

So I did the responsible thing and started by shopping the house.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

This basket and a (formerly dark red) magazine holder that used to belong to Mr. Pax’s grandparents were my perfect solution.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

A little white paint and some cute file folders a sweet friend had given me, and I am all set.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

I do have two little drawers in my desk for office supplies and such, but the basket and the magazine holder allow me to keep my desk clear of clutter: papers, calendars, clipboards, usb drives, and more stay down there.  They’re easy to look through, quick to access, and – most importantly – out of sight when I’m not working at my desk.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

Don’t worry, I still have my vintage file cabinet, but it is now upstairs in my husband’s office… And walking upstairs every time I have a paper to put away is simply not practical.  So every so often, I will file things away en masse.  So far, it’s working pretty well.

Great tips for a clutter-free desk!

What do you think?  Could an upcycled magazine holder and basket help you keep your desk clutter at bay?

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Great tips for a clutter-free desk!


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  1. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I just got through going over a closet in the bedroom i use for my grandkids and i too had to look for some storage for somethings. It is amazing to me how much stuff i have around for storage like that. lol Your house is really looking lovely.

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