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I’m not going to lie, life’s been a little challenging ever since we decided to move.  With Mr. Pax gone most of the time for the new job, three kids under five to care for, a kitchen to remodel, a house to sell, a new house in a new city to find and buy, a life to pack…  Well, you get the picture.

how to create habits to drink more water

And while I will survive (and I will be singing that song for at least a week now… 😉 ), I admit that something has been seriously lacking.  I’m thrilled to say that the kids are all still alive, the house is set to close later this month, we have found a wonderful new home, and I’ve made a ton a little progress packing… But it is hard to find time to take care of myself.  There have been days weeks that I’ve survived on little more than coffee and diet coke.  Literally.  Frozen meals are becoming a staple.  8 hours of sleep is a foreign concept.  Life. is. full.

So I determined to choose a few small, simple, do-able ways to try to take better care of myself this summer.  Step one?  Pay someone to paint our new house before we move in.  Gasp! I know.  It’s the little things.  Step two?  Accept help.  It’s hard for me, but I’m saying yes to anyone who offers to help me pack.  Relinquishing control… Gulp.  Step three? Drink more water.  Again, a small move, but an important one.

how to create habits to drink more water

See that water bottle on our new island?  I found it in the hardware section of Walmart.  It’s a Brita filtered water bottle, and I can honestly say that since I started carrying it around with me each day, my water intake has sky rocketed.  Having filtered water that tastes good even when it’s room temperature has me drinking so much more.

how to create habits to drink more water

And when I say carry it around with me, I mean really.  As you can see, it can follow me as I cook dinner, fold clothes in our new laundry room

how to create habits to drink more water

Stage the living room for its recent photoshoot…

how to create habits to drink more water

And even as I conduct band practice in the playroom.  Side note: the kids love it, too.  We fight over it. 😉

how to create habits to drink more water

My life just doesn’t stop.  Ever.  And I needed a small way to take care of myself that didn’t require putting life on hold.  So now this bottle comes with me.  I fill it up each evening and set it by the purse, diaper bags, and backpacks in the mud room so it’s ready to go in the morning.

how to create habits to drink more water

It’s one of my little ways to survive the chaos.  As a side note, thank you to all you sweet friends who have encouraged me, asked about me, and prayed for me during this time.  I know you all lead very busy lives, too…  Tell me, what’s one little way you can take care of yourself this summer?

Share below so we can all support each other!

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  1. I take time to read Jesus Calling every morning while drinking my OJ. It only takes a few minutes and I sit and think about what it means for me that day. And then I’m off for whatever the day brings.

  2. My son just bought one of those Brita water bottles, and loves it! Maybe I’ll break down and get myself one because I drink way too much coffee!
    I’m so thrilled that you sold your house!!! Take one day at a time, and one room at a time:) You’ll get there…just don’t dry yourself insane:)

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      You and me both with the coffee, Cindy… desperate times were calling for desperate measures. 😉 And thank you thank you, friend! Baby steps, right? :)

  3. Chelsea says:

    I’ve found the same as you, if I’m carrying around a water bottle I’ll use it all the time. Those Brita filtered ones seem great. We use a regular Brita pitcher to keep in our fridge but I find I’m constantly filling it and then filling my water bottle. With that I could just fill the bottle! PS I totally get ya on the complete chaos. Hopefully, not much longer!! Hugs friend!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Simplicity is key for me… If it’s too much work, I just don’t remember to do it! :) And I know you’re just barely out of the chaos (and starting a new form soon, right? 😉 ). Thanks for the encouragement! xx

  4. I SO need to get on the water train too, Rachel!!!

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Yeah, Jenna… I decided that after multiples days of nothing but coffee, diet coke, and red wine, I needed to make some changes! 😉

  5. Yay! A closing! Soon together and taking life one box at a time.

    And if you take out the diet coke, you are my new BFF.

    While the Brita bottle is new (to me) and intriguing— think of the mountains of plastic that would decrease by using this— I love Brita.

    We have a fixer upper, lake house that was my project (haven) prior to tackling my parents’ old and new homes. The view is amazing but the tap water is horrible. And not having a fancy fridge at that home, well, we were adding to that plastic mountain. The day I found the Brita dispenser with the handy spout, changed our lives. We all drink more water there now. (In throw away plastic cups, bc without a dishwasher, I’m not that green. 😉 )

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Haha…. You crack me up, Terri! We are living with paper plates right now ourselves; sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack! 😉 xx

  6. Thanks for the reminder! I definitely need to be drinking more water!

  7. Kendra @ says:

    Hugs Rachel!! I know how extrememly busy life can get (and I’m not even packing and moving our home) so I can only imagine how full your days are (and how short your nights are!!) Water is soo essential for me too. I’ve recently found out firsthand just how important it is to stay hydrated!! I have the same Brita waterbottle and love it! Take care of yourself Mama! xo

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      You are so sweet, Kendra! I know life is crazy busy for everyone, especially moms of little ones. You take care of yourself, too!! xx

  8. bwahaha multiple days of coffee, diet coke and red wine. Yup, you probably needed to “hydrate” as my boys like to call it:) These bottles are such a great idea!

  9. So…….what color(s) are you painting your new house? We all want to know!!!!! And glad you see the importance of taking care of yourself.

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      You are so cute, Lisa! So you’re going to laugh at me, but I simply canNOT choose unless I am in the space with the lighting exactly as it will be… So I’m waiting until closing day, heading over to the new house with loads of samples, and choosing then. The contractor will just have to wait to buy the paint until I decide. 😉 But I’m definitely thinking a very light gray – something to reflect light but not detract from the view (which I can’t wait to show you!!!) and complement some warm wood floors. It’s going to be so fun! Thanks for asking.

  10. I need to be SO much better about drinking water. I may have to give one of these bottles a try!

  11. Hello Rachel, I really know what you mean by not drinking enough water, i too have been living on coffee, cream soda and red wine ! And take out food, Mexican, Chinese, Kentucky fried chicken, Gordons fried fish and burgers (oh my diet is truly shot ! ) but the one good thing ( and there are so many more ) about our new house is its about a block away from the tennis courts. Hopefully, i will find the time to use them ! You, on the other hand, have 3 little ones to chase after (just in case you don’t have a tennis court near by ! ) I seriously hope your husband has a spa-day in your near future for you, lol. You really need it ! We women are so good about multi-tasking but i think i don’t drink enough water because in the back of my mind my little devil is telling my little angel not to drink more water because i will have to go to the powder room more often, thus taking away from my time of packing, laundry, sorting threw all the “stuff” in the garage and getting this place ready for the new renters ( we decided it was easier to hang onto this place and just rent it out for awhile ) so i listen to that little devil all to often. ( = As women, we always take care of everyone else first and then if there is any time left in the day (but there usually isn’t ! ) we think about ourselves. I have also boughten more fruit and then i can just grab a banana or apple and go. So please take care of yourself, i hope the rest of your move goes smoothly, for your sanity if nothing else ( = Have a great day (sorry i write looonnnggg posts, lol ) Sincerely, Diena

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Haha… I love your long posts, Diena! And you’re right, it’s far too easy to listen to that little devil; efficiency is always king in my books, but sometimes taking a little time to take care of ourselves is worth it. :) Have fun with those tennis courts, my friend! xx

  12. Oh I need to drink more water..I need this! And btw, your photos are gorgeous!!!
    Hugs, Jamie

  13. I also need to be better at this! I am giving up junk food for a while… AJ and I were just saying how with trying to sell the house, the flip, the kids, etc life has been insane and we aren’t taking care of ourselves like we should.
    I am about to go outside and finish cleaning the chaos out of the car now… I always feel that if the world around me is clean and organized I can handle almost anything and make better choices. One nice thing about trying to sell the house is that it’s been in a state of mostly clean at all times. :)

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      Oh Jen, I totally get it! I do the same thing – I have a desperate need to clean and organize the things around me… despite the fact that I don’t have the time to do it! 😉 Good luck with it all, friend. Hang in there! xx

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