… because you’re soft.

I am loving Valentine’s Day…  Not because we have any grand, romantic plans (though don’t get me wrong, I love my husband VERY much!!), but because this year I’m dedicating Valentine’s Day to all the people I love: my husband, my boys, my family, my friends.  We can always celebrate the people we love, right?

heart pillow sign lgw

In fact, my precious three year old has started telling me, “Mommy, I love you the most-est…”

“because you’re soft.”

Just what every girl wants to hear, right? 😉

And in honor of that kind of love, I shared my X’s and O’s pillows last week, and I’m sharing this gorgeous NO-SEW heart pillow today…

valentines pillows

To view the full instructions, CLICK HERE.

I’m sharing this tutorial at Love Grows Wild today, so drop in to get all the details on how you can make your own adorable, love(and Anthropologie)-inspired pillows!

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  1. All so pretty Rachel- and soft is good:) My boys love soft too. Pinned! Happy weekend:)


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