Toddler-Sized Towel Hooks

I am so sorry for the long absence, my friends!  In honor of my children (who, as usual, facilitated my inability to devote time to the blog. ha!), I thought I’d share a little something I made for their bathroom.

I firmly believe in developing independence in housekeeping from my little guys (who are 1 and 3, by the way), even in the small things, like hanging up their own towels.  So I created some fun towel hooks for them that they can reach.

They were super simple to make and really affordable, too.  By catching 50% off at Hobby Lobby on both unfinished wood and knobs, I spent ~$10 each.  I simply used some “Sunbleached” stain by Rustoleum (which I already had) on the letters and affixed the knobs.

A little tip (alas, I learned this the hard way), 3M strips are NOT enough.  They may hold perfectly until your one-year-old tries to pull his towel off… Let’s just say you don’t want that knob to fall on his toe!  In the end, I put a little screw into the letters and used a 3M strip to ensure that the knob wouldn’t spin.

I wanted something that was fun for the boys (and my three-year-old especially loves the letters) but wasn’t so childish that a guest using the bathroom would feel like they were in a kid zone.  I love the result, and I hope you do, too!

I’ll be sharing more of their bathroom soon… I am determined to finish showing you all my house!

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