Bringing the Outdoors In

The only major work we did to our 1940 colonial before we moved in was to have the place rewired.  The lack of power and overhead lighting was pretty desperate… but that’s a story for another time.  The point here is that the perfectly good front porch lantern (which we replaced with sconces) had to be put to use somehow…

As you may know from my post about using chalk markers on ceramic crocks, my kitchen is not my favorite part of our house.  It is a work in progress yet to be tackled.  We are still fluctuating about how much we eventually want to remodel, leaving me hesitant to put any work or money into it that might be lost later.  That said, paint and curtains were still a must… and I decided until we do make more decisions, I want it to be a cheery, happy place.

I think the lantern does just that!  For this project, I simply taped the glass and chain and spray painted the whole fixture.

Then Mr. Pax hung it for me.  Love it.

Hope you do, too!


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