Use what you got! {chalk marker on ceramic}

I am loving my chalk markers.  They solve all kinds of problems for me.

I’ve already shared with you how they write beautifully on chalkboard contact paper, which I used to make homemade mason jar bubbles, 1 Day to 1 Year pics for my son’s first birthday, and fire rescue buckets and hats for my other son’s third birthday.

But I tried something new the other day when I discovered this in my kitchen.

I haven’t shown you many pictures of my kitchen yet, and there is a reason.  Quite a few reasons, actually, but for today suffice it to say that it’s got a lot of work yet to be done and it has almost no natural light.  So roll with me.

When we bought our last home, the 1954 kitchen was totally original, so we quickly gutted it and started over.  With the black granite countertops we chose, black ceramic accents were perfect.

But in this kitchen (with faux terra cotta pink floors, cream tile counter tops, and off-white cabinets), black ceramic just wasn’t working.  I did manage to use several chalkboard labels in the room, though, and I rather like them.  So when I discovered my broken vase that I had been using to hold kitchen utensils, I decided to use something I already had, rather than spend anything on a kitchen that I hope to change anyway.  Here’s how:

I then traced the shape onto the crock.

And voila!  Free, easy, and though it may not be perfect, it doesn’t stand out in my eclectic and bright kitchen like a shiny, sleek black ceramic crock would by itself.  (And I feel I should add that I did write some on an obscure place to make sure it would wipe off… Mine comes off with a wet paper towel, but in case your ceramic finish is different, you may want to double check before you write on it!)

How about you?  Any creative ideas for chalk markers?  Or any specific ways you’ve tweaked something to fit a space?  I’d love to hear!

Did you enjoy that?

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