The Beauty of an Impulse

I am a planner.  A designer.  A scheduler.  A controller…


But sometimes there is such great beauty in the moment.

Any moment.

This moment.

And though I plan, photograph, write, edit, and post for you all (my wonderful, fabulous, favorite people!), sometimes I think there is great joy and honesty to be found in something a little less planned. A little more impulsive.

So I hope you’ll join me “in the moment” via Instagram.  Consider it the love-note-on-a-napkin version of Maison de Pax.  Don’t get me wrong, the well-prepared wedding vows or the written, revised, and published sonnet will never lose their place of importance…  They are merely enhanced by the improvised expressions.

Hopefully, you will find Maison de Pax the same.  Follow Maison de Pax on Instagram here.

And, while you’re at it, follow me in any or all of the following ways:

And then go capture a moment for yourself. 😉

Did you enjoy that?

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