White Out: A Master Bedroom Makeover

Well, I’ve taken the plunge…  Very uncharacteristically of me, I’ve painted our bedroom white.


OK, so that’s not actually our bedroom (honestly, I understand it belongs to Jessica Simpson).  It is stunning, though, isn’t it?  And yes, those of you keeping track, I did just paint my husband’s office this week, as well.  Am I a glutton for punishment or what?  Actually, I really do enjoy painting (be sure to read the first and second installments of my series on painting), but two rooms in one week while dodging two small children is about all this mama can handle for a while.  But I digress…  Here is a sneak peek into our bedroom now (with awkward angles so I can show you the color without giving too much away!):

It’s taken me over a year to decide on a color.  When we moved in, it was actually a decent grayish beige, but the room is pretty large (17’x17′, I think) with only one small window.  And that window gets almost no light because it faces our neighbor’s home just a few feet away. :(  So even though I’m usually drawn to richer colors (I have a thing about contrasting the wall color with the trim), I’ve whited out my room.  And I love it.

I must say that choosing white is the hardest color I’ve ever chosen.  And the awkward light we get in the room made it even harder.  We finally landed on Aesthetic White by SW.

We already had textured white bedding pretty close to this from Pottery Barn (our is 10 years old, but it’s similar):


And I recently bought these curtains from Ikea (at $20 for two panels that will pool on the floor, how can you go wrong?!?!), which have a white-on-white pinstripe that adds more interest and texture:


And I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to add more interest and textures to the room.  Basically, I’m just bummed I didn’t do it sooner!


Did you enjoy that?

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  1. What sheen is your white paint? Did you chose flat or eggshell? I’m in the midst of painting our bedroom white. With the first coat it’s flat, but I’m not sure if I should paint the second coat with eggshell. Our bedroom is small with little light.

    • Rachel Paxton says:

      I actually used eggshell in this room. I made the mistake of using flat in much of my last home, and while I like the look, my kids left fingerprints everywhere! :) For a small room without much natural light, eggshell would help reflect some and brighten up the space. Hope this helps!

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