In the words of Little Pax, “Follow ME!!”

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Picture this:

You’re standing in public, trying to converse with an adult, pretending that you are in control despite the one-year-old squirming desperately to get out of your arms, and your over-enthusiastic three-year-old goes running down the aisle crying, “Follow ME!” over his shoulder…

You can’t decide if it’s mortifying or hilarious…

Honestly, it’s not so bad at the park or something, but inside a store or at an office… Let’s just say that I’ve had prouder moments. 😉

But, in typical doting parent fashion, I can’t think about those words without recalling the many times he’s done that and smiling to myself at the memory.

If you’re a fellow parent, you get it, and I hope you’ll laugh at with me.

If you’re not, then feel free to roll your eyes and just click on one of the links below!!

I’m obviously way behind on the Bloglovin’ thing, but since Google Reader disappears in a matter of days, I thought I’d get on the bandwagon.

The options are plentiful:

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Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers for your support!!

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