Form and Function: Vintage Carpet Bowls

During my recent master closet reveal, I expressed my belief that my home should be both lovely in form and function.  That prompted my to consider what items in my home accomplish that goal.  Enter my vintage carpet bowls.

My siblings and cousins (do you guys even read this?) will be either green with envy or filled with nostalgia as they scroll down because these were a staple at my grandparents’ home while we were growing up.  I have no idea how old they are, but they are from England and came in this fabulous box:

But I choose to display them in an old, tarnished (and yes, I choose to leave it tarnished – I love the patina) silver bowl that belonged to my grandmother.  It was some kind of Thank You for her years of service to Rice University.

And I keep it on the little table in this corner of the living room (when I’m not filling my home with branches from my pomegranate tree, that is).

Right under my favorite picture from our time in Paris – the view from our window on a snowy day:

So why do I say that these are both beautiful and useful?  Because I love the vintage effect:

And because carpet bowls (a game where one player rolls the white ball and everyone takes turns trying to get their colored ball closest to the white one) is a game for all ages.  My three year old loves it.  My one year old even likes to roll the balls back and forth with me.  And even adults can sit in our living room and enjoy it while we visit.

These contribute to my home being a place where people want to be, and as I said in my very first blog post, that is my goal.  That my home would be a place where people come and find peace.

Would you like to play a quick round?

Did you enjoy that?

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  1. Angel Faery Kathleen says:

    I love this idea. The set we had as I was growing up years ago the old box is long gone and they noe live in a plastic bag in my cupboard. I will now get them out and put them in on old family brass bowl that I also grew up with. Many thanks for the idea.

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