I am just a teensy bit fiercely competitive.  I, like my two year old, must do things for myself just because I believe I can.  I’ve even delivered two babies naturally simply because I figured if my mom could do it, so could I (is that TMI for a blog?).  I was raised with three brothers by two parents whose philosophy was “why pay to have someone do work on the house when we have four children who can do it for free?” (I love you, mom and dad!)  As a result, I’ve built cabinetry, painted walls and ceilings and baseboards, built gazebos, done landscaping, laid bricks, and so much more.  I’m no expert, but I’m certainly not afraid of trying.  But this is not just a DIY blog.

How to hang crown molding…

I love to save money.  I love Salvation Army, and sales, and coupons.  I’m one of those annoying people who responds to compliments of my clothes or belongings with, “Oh, yeah, $5 at Target!” (why, oh why do we do that?!?!).  I even find myself regretting when I buy things on sale just because they were on sale.  And I certainly have found myself spending hours doing something myself (see above) that I could have bought for a mere few dollars more (but every few dollars counts, right?!?!).  But this is not just a how-to-decorate-frugally blog.

RH Baby and Child

I’m meticulous obsessive compulsive.  I have been known to stay up to 4:00am (even though I have two babies who will wake me up by 6:00) to finish books, projects, curtains, cleaning… really anything that has an end point which I must reach before my brain can turn off for the night.  I was one of those obnoxious students who always raised my hand after an assignment was given and asked a specific question about the instructions which clearly (as evidenced by the teacher’s response) was something she neither had considered nor cared a rip about.  I am a perfectionist about color, straight lines, and right angles.  But this is not just a step-by-step tutorial blog.

How to polish brass with ketchup…

I love a good transformation… who doesn’t?  A Cinderella story.  A beauty from ashes resurrection.  And I firmly believe in seeing potential in what to many people may look hopeless – both in life and in homes.  I love a “lost cause,” and believe the cliche that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (especially with a little spray paint and elbow grease).  But this is not just a before-and-after blog.

Maison de Pax home exterior before and after…

Sure, this blog may include some of all the things listed above.  Hopefully I will manage to continue my love of doing projects myself (along with my amazingly talented and oh-such-a-good-sport husband).  Hopefully, I will continue to find great deals and manage to save money along the way.  Hopefully, I will even provide you with a few ideas, suggestions, and even tutorials that you might be able to use and enjoy.  But those are not my goals for this blog…

To rephrase the old adage a bit – if you want to learn something, teach it.  I have found in my life that the best way to truly absorb a concept a lesson a skill anything is to try to explain it to others.  In the effort to articulate, describe, and demonstrate, the teacher learns infinitely more than the student – even if said teacher started out clueless (as I often am!).  So, NOT that I am assuming the role of teacher on this blog – on the contrary – I am hoping that by processing out loud my experience in working to make this house a home, that a little bit of what I say will work its way down into my heart.  That I (in all my OCD glory) will be able to remember that home design, while enormously fun, is merely a tool to aid us in working toward what really matters:
a home where people want to be. 
a home where people feel loved. 
a home where my children learn what is good and true. 
a home where peace can be found.

I am honored by anyone who is willing to share this journey with me.  You are welcome at Maison de Pax anytime.

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